Vincent Kompany News | Vincent Kompany is the best central defender

Pep Guardiola hail for Vincent Kompany and Guardiola says that Vincent Kompany is a best defender and Vincent Kompany was very impressive.

Vincent Kompany, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praise for Man City defender Vincent Kompany and says that Kompany is very impressive and it is his fifth consecutive season and  Vincent Kompany was good in Premier League game Crystal Palace.

Pep Guardiola admits that Vincent Kompany is one of the most influential player in the history of Manchester City.

“I am pretty sure former manager Manuel Pellegrini missed him a lot last season. We missed him a lot.” Pep Guardiola says

Vincent Kompany is a real central defender. I have said many times of a central defender.”

“How many duels do you win with the strikers? More than the opponent, you are a central defender.”

“He wins a lot. No doubt about that. But we have to cover our backs a little bit.”

“We cannot give all the confidence he will be fit because of the experience of the last years.”

“We have to have a back-up if something happens.”

“You have the feeling when an opponent crosses the ball, ‘Is Vinny there?'”

“That feeling especially in the league, when there are a lot of long balls and for the referees it has to be a really important thing to make a foul is important.”

“It is important in duels to have people who win the headers. Vincent in that is really good.”

“And on Saturday we discovered maybe he can play as a striker. He made not a bad goal.”

“He has made a huge step. When we spoke earlier in the season.”

Vincent Kompany says that the first step was don’t put pressure. He has to be able to train regularly and play one game.”

“Then after that game another one, and then another one. He did it, and 90 minutes.”

“That has not happened since a long time ago.”

Vincent Kompany says Manchester City wins over Crystal Palace put City on top four position.

“It was massive, and especially for the goal difference, winning 5-0.”

“I don’t think you can set out and say you want to win 5-0 first of all you want to win.”

“But then when you do it you realize it was a big result and a big performance.”

“It’s all in our hands and it’s a good feeling.”

“In the second half, really everything unfolded the way we wanted it to happen.” Vincent Kompany says

“Early second goal and then from that moment onwards we looked like scoring more.”

“Quite simply David Silva is the wizard. He knows which pass to pick.” In addition Vincent Kompany says.

“As much quality as we have in the team, there is only David that can pick certain passes and I think he sets the tone with that.”

“It is incredible to see his ability and make what is the hardest pass in football, that last pass.”

“My level has been good since I came back and I work hard to be able to perform at the same level.”

“In that case I can be pretty satisfied but I am mainly satisfied about the team performance.”


Real Madrid join Barcelona in Riyad Mahrez signing battle

Real Madrid wants to sign Riyad Mahrez and according to Riyad Mahrez transfer news Champions League winners join Barcelona in the battle of Riyad Mahrez signing.
Riyad Mahrez, Don Balon claims that Real Madrid entered in the race with Barcelona to sign the Premier League winners Riyad Mahrez. There were penalty of news that Liverpool and Barcelona wants to sign Mahrez.

Leicester-City-v-Hull-City-Premier-League-1-1024x658But if we look up Mahrez interest he gives priority to Real Madrid over Barcelona.
He thinks that playing in Real Madrid on daily basis will improve his skills better.
While in Barcelona competing MSN is almost looks impossible to Riyad and he wants to play as a regular player.
He thinks that he can continue here in Champions League winners. While Real Madrid are going to loose James Rodriguez and Isco in the end of the season.
In Premier League last season his performance was outstanding and he helps Leicester City to win Premier League title.
On the other hand this season was not going well for Foxes.
Mahrez just score 5 goals and 3 assists in this season of Premier League which is disappointing for Foxes.
While in Champions League he perform well with 4 goals and 2 assists in 7 games.
The conversation of his transfer was almost going down but Riyad Mahrez performance in Champions
League urge attention of major clubs towards him.
So we can say that this time his performance in Europe will be dangerous against major clubs.
While La Liga winners needs good midfielder which can create chances for MSN to score goals.
Barcelona wants to fill his space through Paco Alcacer but he is not much lighten up for Barcelona FC.
So, Barcelona are in link with Liverpool midfielder Coutinho to fill the space.
However, after Rodriguez and Isco absence Real Madrid also needs reinforcements for BBC.
So, they are looking to Riyad Mahrez as a potential player for Real Madrid.
Judging by the report, three of them are set to renew their interest in Mahrez. It will be interesting to see which club Mahrez ends up choosing.

Arsenal News | My future does not depend on Champions League says Wenger

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger tells that perhaps his future does not depend in Champions League qualification.

Now a days coach Arsene Wenger perhaps on a very weak point and loss against West Brom almost make Wenger future in danger but Coach Arsene Wenger perhaps thinking to much about his future.

Coach Arsene Wenger managing Arsenal from last 21 years and his contract will expire in the end of season.


Arsenal get six defeat in last nine games and perhaps coach Arsene Wenger is running out of time.

Coach Arsene Wenger has been decided about the plan of current campaign and announcement would be make very soon, on the plans which he decided.

“My decision will not necessarily link with that because I’ve done the top four 20 times. It’s more, it’s not that,” said the Arsenal boss

“I take a bigger perspective than that. It’s not the last result that will decide what I will do.”

“It’s not (the end of the world), not any more. That was for a long time the case, but not today. Financially, I mean.

“Of course, on the sporting front it would be a blow, but financially the Champions League does not have the impact any more that it had five or six years ago because of the influx of the television money (to the Premier League).”

“Everybody in life is responsible for his own behavior. I’m responsible for my own behavior. I don’t judge other people.

“I give my best. As long as I am at the club, whether that is for two more years, 10 more years or four more months, that will not be different. As for all the rest, everybody has to look at themselves.”

Barcelona News | Ivan Rakitic wants Luka Modric at Barcelona

Manchester United Jose Mourinho perhaps very happy here in Man United and Manchester United Jose Mourinho wants to stay here for many years.

United Jose Mourinho joined Reds in the start of the season and united Jose Mourinho predict that he wants to stay in United for many years and I’m happy here.
Mourinho presence perhaps takes very happy news for Man Utd fans with this year EFL cup.

Reds are still trying to secure his place in Champions League qualifications.

 With 27 games United Jose Mourinho side is on the 5th position with 52 points and 17 points away from Chelsea.

But this time Manchester United have many chances to win Europa League titles with his captivity performance.

In last game against Middlesbrough Man United get victory with 3 goals.

“A minimum of three years, I think I will be here.”

“I think the club understood the necessity to give stability to all levels.

“I believe if we do that, even without a massive success, which is harder in football, even more so in England.”

“But with some type of success, I see myself staying here if they want me to stay.”

Arsenal News | Refs are behind Xhaka says Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that Granit Xhaka is a famous player therefore referees are behind him.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, Granit Xhaka joined Arsenal from Borussia Monchengladbach after his beautiful International performance and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says that refs are behind Xhaka.

 “I believe that he is now in a position where on the first foul he gets a yellow card. For example on Saturday against Lincoln first foul, soft yellow card.” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told SKY SPORTS

“So he is a victim a little bit of his reputation. You see tackles of some players who are much worse than what he did who don’t even get a yellow card.
skysports-granit-xhaka-arsenal-burnley-red-card_3875884 “He got a straight red and because he had a history of that in Germany I think he is a bit of a victim of that.”
“Overall he is quite in a positive way, he masters himself much better.
“He was maybe a little bit before looking too much to impress.”

We will try to get second position in Premier League says Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho thinks that we can easily get second position in Premier League.

Manager Jose Mourinho, Man Utd Manager Jose Mourinho says that our main target to get second position in Premier League and manager Jose Mourinho we can easily get this position.

Chelsea is 15 points ahead from Manchester United but manager Jose Mourinho still have hope to overcome this gap.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho description :

In Premier League table Tottenham has second position with 53 points and 5 points ahead from Manchester United.

“The second position is very difficult but it’s very possible.” Manager Jose Mourinho said

“First is impossible. Second is possible and we have to fight for it.”

“The Europa League is very difficult, but it’s a target for us and, if we beat Rostov, we find ourselves in the quarter-final.”

“Then we have to think really seriously about the Europa League because, in this moment, we are still in the last 16.”

“Quarter-final, you smell the final and then, in a certain period of the season, I have to analyze my team, the players, the conditions of everyone and, if I have to make choices, I have to make choices.”

“But choices that I would always share with my owners, with my board, but it’s not for now.”

“For now it’s just play against Bournemouth, play against Rostov, play against Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter-final.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“Play against Rostov again, and then let’s see how we are in all the competitions, and try to make the right decisions.”

“In practical terms we have lots of left-backs.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“It doesn’t look like it but the reality is that Daley Blind, Shaw, Marcos Rojo, Matteo Darmian are all playing left back and can play there. They are different players.”

“I think the one that should be in the couple of years the best of all because potentially he should have all the conditions to be the best of all is Luke Shaw.”

“By age, by physicality, by intensity, by being aggressive going forward, he should be the best.”

“But, to be the best, you need to work hard. It’s what he’s trying to do.”

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho on Zlatan Ibrahimovic :

On the other hand manager Jose Mourinho thinks that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an important player for Manchester Utd.

Manager Jose Mourinho thinks that he will be the crucial player in upcoming year.

“This team has a lot of growing up to do.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“After the next transfer window we will bring this team to different level.”

“Because we are going to try and bring in a few players.”

“So I think he will fundamental in second year for team and I think he is going to stay.”

“But, right or wrong, I only want people that really want to stay 100 per cent.”

“My feelings are that he is really proud of himself.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“He is very happy with his success and his situation so I see him staying with us.”

“I see him staying with us because the initial agreement was for him to come to us for one year plus us to have the option, so I see him staying with us.”

“It has been an amazing, successful year for him.”

“The second position is very difficult but it is possible.”

“The first position I think is impossible. The second position is possible but we will have to fight for it.”

“The Europa League is very difficult but it is a target for us.”

“If we beat Rostov we find ourselves in quarter-final, we have to think really seriously about the Europa League.”

“In this moment we are still in the last 16. That is still far but when a team gets in the last eight and you go to the quarter-final draw – from there you can smell the final.”

“Then in a certain period of the season I have to analyze my team, players and conditions of everyone.”

“If I have to make choices, I have to make choices but obviously choices.”

“I would always share with my owners and with my board.”

“But that is not for now. For now we just play against Bournemouth, against Rostov, against Chelsea, play against Rostov again.”

“Then let’s see where we are in all the competitions and try to make the right decisions.”