Arsenal News | My future does not depend on Champions League says Wenger

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger tells that perhaps his future does not depend in Champions League qualification.

Now a days coach Arsene Wenger perhaps on a very weak point and loss against West Brom almost make Wenger future in danger but Coach Arsene Wenger perhaps thinking to much about his future.

Coach Arsene Wenger managing Arsenal from last 21 years and his contract will expire in the end of season.


Arsenal get six defeat in last nine games and perhaps coach Arsene Wenger is running out of time.

Coach Arsene Wenger has been decided about the plan of current campaign and announcement would be make very soon, on the plans which he decided.

“My decision will not necessarily link with that because I’ve done the top four 20 times. It’s more, it’s not that,” said the Arsenal boss

“I take a bigger perspective than that. It’s not the last result that will decide what I will do.”

“It’s not (the end of the world), not any more. That was for a long time the case, but not today. Financially, I mean.

“Of course, on the sporting front it would be a blow, but financially the Champions League does not have the impact any more that it had five or six years ago because of the influx of the television money (to the Premier League).”

“Everybody in life is responsible for his own behavior. I’m responsible for my own behavior. I don’t judge other people.

“I give my best. As long as I am at the club, whether that is for two more years, 10 more years or four more months, that will not be different. As for all the rest, everybody has to look at themselves.”


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