Arsenal News | My future does not depend on Champions League says Wenger

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger tells that perhaps his future does not depend in Champions League qualification.

Now a days coach Arsene Wenger perhaps on a very weak point and loss against West Brom almost make Wenger future in danger but Coach Arsene Wenger perhaps thinking to much about his future.

Coach Arsene Wenger managing Arsenal from last 21 years and his contract will expire in the end of season.


Arsenal get six defeat in last nine games and perhaps coach Arsene Wenger is running out of time.

Coach Arsene Wenger has been decided about the plan of current campaign and announcement would be make very soon, on the plans which he decided.

“My decision will not necessarily link with that because I’ve done the top four 20 times. It’s more, it’s not that,” said the Arsenal boss

“I take a bigger perspective than that. It’s not the last result that will decide what I will do.”

“It’s not (the end of the world), not any more. That was for a long time the case, but not today. Financially, I mean.

“Of course, on the sporting front it would be a blow, but financially the Champions League does not have the impact any more that it had five or six years ago because of the influx of the television money (to the Premier League).”

“Everybody in life is responsible for his own behavior. I’m responsible for my own behavior. I don’t judge other people.

“I give my best. As long as I am at the club, whether that is for two more years, 10 more years or four more months, that will not be different. As for all the rest, everybody has to look at themselves.”


Barcelona News | Ivan Rakitic wants Luka Modric at Barcelona

Manchester United Jose Mourinho perhaps very happy here in Man United and Manchester United Jose Mourinho wants to stay here for many years.

United Jose Mourinho joined Reds in the start of the season and united Jose Mourinho predict that he wants to stay in United for many years and I’m happy here.
Mourinho presence perhaps takes very happy news for Man Utd fans with this year EFL cup.

Reds are still trying to secure his place in Champions League qualifications.

 With 27 games United Jose Mourinho side is on the 5th position with 52 points and 17 points away from Chelsea.

But this time Manchester United have many chances to win Europa League titles with his captivity performance.

In last game against Middlesbrough Man United get victory with 3 goals.

“A minimum of three years, I think I will be here.”

“I think the club understood the necessity to give stability to all levels.

“I believe if we do that, even without a massive success, which is harder in football, even more so in England.”

“But with some type of success, I see myself staying here if they want me to stay.”

Arsenal News | Refs are behind Xhaka says Arsene Wenger

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that Granit Xhaka is a famous player therefore referees are behind him.

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger, Granit Xhaka joined Arsenal from Borussia Monchengladbach after his beautiful International performance and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger says that refs are behind Xhaka.

 “I believe that he is now in a position where on the first foul he gets a yellow card. For example on Saturday against Lincoln first foul, soft yellow card.” Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger told SKY SPORTS

“So he is a victim a little bit of his reputation. You see tackles of some players who are much worse than what he did who don’t even get a yellow card.
skysports-granit-xhaka-arsenal-burnley-red-card_3875884 “He got a straight red and because he had a history of that in Germany I think he is a bit of a victim of that.”
“Overall he is quite in a positive way, he masters himself much better.
“He was maybe a little bit before looking too much to impress.”

We will try to get second position in Premier League says Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho thinks that we can easily get second position in Premier League.

Manager Jose Mourinho, Man Utd Manager Jose Mourinho says that our main target to get second position in Premier League and manager Jose Mourinho we can easily get this position.

Chelsea is 15 points ahead from Manchester United but manager Jose Mourinho still have hope to overcome this gap.

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho description :

In Premier League table Tottenham has second position with 53 points and 5 points ahead from Manchester United.

“The second position is very difficult but it’s very possible.” Manager Jose Mourinho said

“First is impossible. Second is possible and we have to fight for it.”

“The Europa League is very difficult, but it’s a target for us and, if we beat Rostov, we find ourselves in the quarter-final.”

“Then we have to think really seriously about the Europa League because, in this moment, we are still in the last 16.”

“Quarter-final, you smell the final and then, in a certain period of the season, I have to analyze my team, the players, the conditions of everyone and, if I have to make choices, I have to make choices.”

“But choices that I would always share with my owners, with my board, but it’s not for now.”

“For now it’s just play against Bournemouth, play against Rostov, play against Chelsea in the FA Cup quarter-final.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“Play against Rostov again, and then let’s see how we are in all the competitions, and try to make the right decisions.”

“In practical terms we have lots of left-backs.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“It doesn’t look like it but the reality is that Daley Blind, Shaw, Marcos Rojo, Matteo Darmian are all playing left back and can play there. They are different players.”

“I think the one that should be in the couple of years the best of all because potentially he should have all the conditions to be the best of all is Luke Shaw.”

“By age, by physicality, by intensity, by being aggressive going forward, he should be the best.”

“But, to be the best, you need to work hard. It’s what he’s trying to do.”

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho and Zlatan Ibrahimovic

Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho on Zlatan Ibrahimovic :

On the other hand manager Jose Mourinho thinks that Zlatan Ibrahimovic is an important player for Manchester Utd.

Manager Jose Mourinho thinks that he will be the crucial player in upcoming year.

“This team has a lot of growing up to do.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“After the next transfer window we will bring this team to different level.”

“Because we are going to try and bring in a few players.”

“So I think he will fundamental in second year for team and I think he is going to stay.”

“But, right or wrong, I only want people that really want to stay 100 per cent.”

“My feelings are that he is really proud of himself.” In addition manager Jose Mourinho says

“He is very happy with his success and his situation so I see him staying with us.”

“I see him staying with us because the initial agreement was for him to come to us for one year plus us to have the option, so I see him staying with us.”

“It has been an amazing, successful year for him.”

“The second position is very difficult but it is possible.”

“The first position I think is impossible. The second position is possible but we will have to fight for it.”

“The Europa League is very difficult but it is a target for us.”

“If we beat Rostov we find ourselves in quarter-final, we have to think really seriously about the Europa League.”

“In this moment we are still in the last 16. That is still far but when a team gets in the last eight and you go to the quarter-final draw – from there you can smell the final.”

“Then in a certain period of the season I have to analyze my team, players and conditions of everyone.”

“If I have to make choices, I have to make choices but obviously choices.”

“I would always share with my owners and with my board.”

“But that is not for now. For now we just play against Bournemouth, against Rostov, against Chelsea, play against Rostov again.”

“Then let’s see where we are in all the competitions and try to make the right decisions.”

Barcelona News | Barcelona coach Luis Enrique leaving Barcelona

Barca boss Luis Enrique announce that he will leave Barcelona and further Barca boss Luis Enrique joining England.

Barca boss Luis Enrique, Barca boss Luis Enrique surprise everyone and Barca boss Luis Enrique announce a shocking news that he is leaving Barcelona and he will not be here in next year.

Further, Barca boss Luis Enrique confirm that he will leave Camp Nou when his contract will expire.

Barca boss Luis Enrique

Barca boss Luis Enrique News :

“I will not be the coach of Barcelona next season.” Luis Enrique said

“I would like to thank the club for the confidence they have shown in me, it’s been three unforgettable years.”

“In pre-season I had a meeting with Barca directors Albert Soler and Robert Fernandez, in which I told them about the possibility of not renewing my contract.”

“They told me there was no hurry to make a decision but now that moment has arrived.”

“It is a difficult, measure and well think out decision and I think I have to be loyal to what I think.”

“There are three exciting months ahead.”

“We are in a difficult situation, especially in one competition, but with the help of everyone and if the stars align, we can turn that game around.”

“I will give my full dedication in these three months.” In addition he says

“The reason is the way in which I live this profession. It means very few hours of rest.”

Liverpool News | Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp admits Liverpool has to work hard and Liverpool future is very serious

According to Liverpool news, Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp admits that we needs to work more hard after last night defeat against Leicester City.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp, Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp admits that after Leicester defeat Liverpool has to word more hard and needs more improvement in our performance.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp description :

Before last night defeat Liverpool was on the top four position in PL table but defeat against Leicester City on Monday push them on 5th position.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp thinks that his team was not prepared for the game after a long break.

“It looked like we hadn’t spoken about the strength of Leicester and that’s a real problem.” Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp told SKY SPORTS

“We have to work, obviously, and to try to do everything better next time.”

“The performance from the first second was not good enough, and that’s how you lose football games. There is no reason for this. I’m not ready to look for an excuse.”

“We never really got going tonight. It’s difficult to find the right words.” In additionLiverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp says

“There was not an over-aggressive game from Leicester, but even for this level we were not physical enough.”

“They were ready, they had their set pieces and throw-ins ready and we gave throw-ins away like we hadn’t spoken about them.”

“It doesn’t make sense to give Christian Fuchs 20-odd chances to throw the ball in. It’s difficult to accept.”

“They scored the first goal, that helped them a lot, then the second goal, where there was no protection to Drinkwater’s volley.” In addition Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp says

“We could have defended better so it’s very disappointing. It’s difficult to explain in German but in English, it’s worse.”

“The manner of the defeat makes it worst. If we played our best game and lost, then I have to accept that because that is football.”

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp on Liverpool future :

On the other hand Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp thinks that after defeat Liverpool situation is somehow serious now.

Liverpool Manager Jurgen Klopp admits that my squad and I we both are playing for our future.

“It’s getting more serious now. We all play for our future, myself included. We get judge every day, especially on match days.”

“Of course performances have influence on these things. I don’t think they aren’t as good as I thought, but I think they need my help more to show it every week.”

“I feel maximum responsible because I am and I hope I use the word ‘we’ and not ‘they’ because I’m involve in this.”

“However, It doesn’t get better. It was not good enough in the beginning, not good enough in the middle and in the end. It was 100 per cent clear what happened with Leicester tonight. Back to their roots, their line-up was clear.”

“It was clear how emotional the game was because if Leicester didn’t show emotion it would be really strange. It wasn’t that intense but we weren’t ready for this.”

“We could have done much better. We let them be the Leicester of last year that’s our fault and we should get criticize. This inconsistency makes absolutely no sense.”

“It’s not the moment to make assessments like this, especially not in public. But to say the truth, and I try to say the truth as often as possible, bad performances don’t help anybody, that’s clear.”