Vincent Kompany News | Vincent Kompany is the best central defender

Pep Guardiola hail for Vincent Kompany and Guardiola says that Vincent Kompany is a best defender and Vincent Kompany was very impressive.

Vincent Kompany, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praise for Man City defender Vincent Kompany and says that Kompany is very impressive and it is his fifth consecutive season and  Vincent Kompany was good in Premier League game Crystal Palace.

Pep Guardiola admits that Vincent Kompany is one of the most influential player in the history of Manchester City.

“I am pretty sure former manager Manuel Pellegrini missed him a lot last season. We missed him a lot.” Pep Guardiola says

Vincent Kompany is a real central defender. I have said many times of a central defender.”

“How many duels do you win with the strikers? More than the opponent, you are a central defender.”

“He wins a lot. No doubt about that. But we have to cover our backs a little bit.”

“We cannot give all the confidence he will be fit because of the experience of the last years.”

“We have to have a back-up if something happens.”

“You have the feeling when an opponent crosses the ball, ‘Is Vinny there?'”

“That feeling especially in the league, when there are a lot of long balls and for the referees it has to be a really important thing to make a foul is important.”

“It is important in duels to have people who win the headers. Vincent in that is really good.”

“And on Saturday we discovered maybe he can play as a striker. He made not a bad goal.”

“He has made a huge step. When we spoke earlier in the season.”

Vincent Kompany says that the first step was don’t put pressure. He has to be able to train regularly and play one game.”

“Then after that game another one, and then another one. He did it, and 90 minutes.”

“That has not happened since a long time ago.”

Vincent Kompany says Manchester City wins over Crystal Palace put City on top four position.

“It was massive, and especially for the goal difference, winning 5-0.”

“I don’t think you can set out and say you want to win 5-0 first of all you want to win.”

“But then when you do it you realize it was a big result and a big performance.”

“It’s all in our hands and it’s a good feeling.”

“In the second half, really everything unfolded the way we wanted it to happen.” Vincent Kompany says

“Early second goal and then from that moment onwards we looked like scoring more.”

“Quite simply David Silva is the wizard. He knows which pass to pick.” In addition Vincent Kompany says.

“As much quality as we have in the team, there is only David that can pick certain passes and I think he sets the tone with that.”

“It is incredible to see his ability and make what is the hardest pass in football, that last pass.”

“My level has been good since I came back and I work hard to be able to perform at the same level.”

“In that case I can be pretty satisfied but I am mainly satisfied about the team performance.”